Sally Berenzweig, MEd, MA & Cherie Benjoseph MSW, LCSW
Child Safety Expert, Author, Cofounders KidSafe Foundation



History: KidSafe Foundation was founded in 2009 , by Sally Berenzweig, MEd, MA and Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW, Child Safety Experts, Mental Health Professionals, Educators, Cofounders of 501(c) 3 nonprofit KidSafe Foundation, Authors of KidSafe for Kids - an 8 week in school program for children 4-12 and two children’s books used in their program, Jack Teaches His Friends To Be KidSafe! And 2011 Literary Classics Award Winner – My Body is Special and Belongs to ME! 


KidSafe has educated over 30,000 children and lectured to thousands of adults. KidSafe believes,  95% of abuse and exploitation of children is preventable through education and we believe every child and adult deserves the right to learn how to keep themselves safe.


Mission: Our mission is to bring Education programs and materials to children and adults to Prevent Child Abuse, Bullying and Internet Safety Dangers. Our goal is to give children a voice and  empower adults to be the first line of defense in their child’s safety.


Philosophy: KidSafe is based on years of safety instruction, up to date research and curriculum. Through the use of prevention education materials, specifically our KidSafe book series, children will learn skills in a warm, fun, non-threatening and developmentally age appropriate environment. Lessons incorporate KidSafe songs, art, books, discussion and role play. KidSafe is now a partner with Facebook as Child Safety Experts and their blogs appear on Facebook Safety Page.

KidSafe Programs:

Parent Seminar

KidSafe Training on use of children’s books

KidSafe Family Event

Teacher Workshop

Guidance Counselor Workshops

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training’s:

  • Police Departments

  • Foster Care Agencies

  • Camps

  • After School Programs

  • Child Care

  • Schools

  • Places of Worship

  • Clubs

  • Organizations

  • Schools

In School Program:

KidSafe for Kids flagship program in schools for ages 4 – through 5thgrade.  8 weeks of progressive lessons using scaffolding learning and teaching children through fun not fear important skills to stay safe. We use our two children’s books, song, art, discussion and role play.


Cherie’s experience which led her to start KidSafe can be found in her blog:

“She seemed “perfect” but something was wrong


Sally’s experience which led her to start KidSafe can be found in her blog:

 “How well do you know your babysitter?”


“The goal of KidSafe programs and materials is to empower children that they have the right to be safe, to have a voice and learn how to access help. No child should ever have to endure abuse of any kind.”