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Alicia R. Steiger, Principal  Sunrise Park Elementary School

Thank you Sally for all of your support at SPES.  It was a smaller than usual group but there was a lot going on in the community.  I am sure that you feel the same way that I do — it is always an important topic and if just one more person hears it we may be saving one more kid from danger.  You are one amazing lady!  


Foster Parent after receiving KidSafe Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

“I want to take a moment to explain what an impact Cherie Benjoseph and her book “My Body is Special and Belongs to ME” had on my family, without breaching the confidentiality of my case.  After our training class (on Saturday, 1/28/12) I went home and discussed the book with my kids.  They were very engaged and asked a lot of questions about “unsafe touches” as well as actions that made them feel confused and uncomfortable.  That night they revealed some additional information to me that was not mentioned before in this case.  Five days later (at the most inopportune time I might add) the girls revealed a plethora of incidents that they were exposed to.  I believe that without the combination of the book and the “poker face” training and me building a trusting relationship with the girls we may have never gotten to this point.  I can go on all day talking about how much we love these kids and the actions we take to protect them, but we were missing an extremely important element that could have very easily gone unnoticed.  I cannot express how grateful I am that these kids will never be part of the statistics that don’t speak up.  I don’t know how I would have reacted to receiving what they were telling me if I wasn’t told to have a poker face and reassure them about how brave they are and how happy I was that they felt like they could trust me with that information.  They started the conversation shy and uncomfortable and at the end they were smiling and looked as if a huge load was taken off their shoulders.  They were proud of themselves.  And now they tell me every little thing that ever happens :)  I don’t think that there was ever a lack of trust.  I feel that perhaps it never dawned on the girls that these things that happened to them were wrong and needed to be reported.  Whatever the reason, I plan to read this book to every child I ever come in contact with.  I have already shared it with family, coworkers and friends (but I told them that they had to buy their own!). Thanks again! ” G

Linda Gaynor

“KidSafe for Parents came to the preschool Sammie and Frankie attended. I gathered a group of other parents together and hosted a series of sessions in my home for our children. Since it was in my house, I had the opportunity to observe Cherie and her approach to the children. I was beyond impressed with the way she presented her material to the kids AND the information she provided the parents. For the kids, Check First was the safety mantra regarding EVERYTHING. She taught the parents how to play games with our children that reinforced her methods. This helped the kids learn without making them scared. My daughters, now in 6th & 4th grade, STILL check first! I’m eager to see how the program has evolved for older kids because self-safety can’t be overlooked or underestimated. Cherie educated the parents on something very important: Stranger Danger is an outdated misconception. The majority of crimes against children are committed by people who know those children. Children need to be taught how to protect themselves and KidSafe can help make them aware of their surroundings and teach them practical tools to stay safe. Even simple hints can help! We need to be vigilant in empowering our children AND ourselves because while you may pray for nothing bad to ever happen to any of your loved ones, we all must stay as prepared as possible for the unexpected. THAT will give you peace of mind.”

Robyn Salk

“My children participated in KidSafe and it was an incredible program.  My children learned so much important information.  My husband and I felt their lecture was life changing.  We realize that we can no longer take the safety of our children for granted.  Their book Jack Teaches His friends to be KidSafe has been a great resource and has helped our kids to remember and practice the KidSafe rules. The lessons this book teaches are priceless. I would recommend KidSafe and their book to any parent and school concerned about the safety of children.”


Stephanie Mogul

I am so happy that you came to our school!  The topics that you covered during the presentation were really informative. The audience was absolutely mesmerized by your presentation.  On a personal level, it really made me think about the world we live in today and  how important it is to be vigilant with our children’s safety.  I have had many presentations throughout my guidance career, but I can honestly say that your presentation was one of the most powerful and profound presentations that I have heard.  You provided many great ideas for parents and I think they really learned a lot.  I know that you really made a difference at our school .

Cindy Montalvo

“All parents, please take the time to log on to KidSafe.  This is such important information. I believe that we can easily take for granted our children know and are aware of what to do when situations arise.  Unfortunately in our society it is paramount that we teach personal safety to our children that stretches far beyond crossing the street.  I am so excited by this as I have been a kid-safe advocate for a few years now….I am so proud of Cherie and Sally and their teams commitment to children….they truly does what they do out of shear passion, commitment and a vision to empower all children… If it helps one child in one potentially dangerous situation it is all worth it.  I would like to see this in every Elementary and Middle school in our area and eventually across the nation. Let’s teach our children about the things that are left out of the school books,  but every bit as important.  PLEASE PASS this SITE to ALL PARENTS YOU KNOW!!!”


Hilary Roman

“My Son Jake is 6 and participated in the kidsafe program.  I was so impressed with the entire program!  Cherie and Sally made it fun for the kids to learn about how to deal with a very sensitive subject matter.  She did role playing with the kids and even sang songs so they would always remember how to handle uncomfortable situations.  My son can be so trusting of people especially those older than him.  Jake learned the right questions to ask and how to be completely aware of his surroundings so that he can be smart and safe when I am not with him.  Hearing it from a trained professional in a school setting made such an impact on him!  In a school setting I want my kids to learn not only academics, but most importantly…about life.  This program taught my son how to be safe in the environment in which he lives and it taught me to continue reinforce and practice these important life skills.  My daughter Lily will participate in the KidSafe program this year and I can’t wait.  Every preschool and elementary school needs a program like this.”


Carl Schreck

“My Sons had the privilege of being taught personal safety by KidSafe. As a father of two small boys and a former felony prosecutor, I’m keenly aware of the ever-present danger against which parents must constantly be vigilant. Please don’t merely hope and pray that your child will be safe. Your child must be prepared. KidSafe is an excellent program and helped us to introduce personal safety to our children without creating fear.  Their book helped us to reiterate concepts and rules of personal safety to them in a way that they can easily grasp and remember. I strongly recommend KidSafe to all schools.”

Debra Altschul 

“I went to an informative, eye-opening workshop last evening the program is called Kidsafe and it is run by two amazing women who are absolutely dedicated to what they are doing and need support for their message. These ladies have designed a personal safety program for children that are phenomenal. It uses language that children understand and empowers them to make good decisions without fear!! Let’s face it, sexual abuse is an extremely uncomfortable topic, however if perpetrated on someone has a lifelong effect.  We need to educate our children and give them the skills they need to keep themselves safe and teach them what to do if something like this should ever happen to them. They need to know it is never their fault!!  These women have also published a book for kids called “Jack teaches his friends to be KIDSAFE” which I bought last night which is well-written, appropriate for children (especially young children) but useful as a guideline for older ones too) and includes tips in the back of the book for parents. Thank you for your time!”


Linda B. Harris, BS, MS Director ECC Bnai Israel

“The KidSafe program is an essential piece of our curriculum. I highly recommend this program to any school that is interested in educating the whole child.  Our school has purchased their book – Jack Teaches His Friends To Be KidSafe! For every classroom. I believe this book is a must for all parents and teachers who are concerned about the safety of children.  This is the first book I found which teaches early childhood safety skills on a level they can understand and use.”


Karen Hamorsky PTA Sunrise Park Elementary School

“The PTA is proud to support the KidSafe program at Sunrise Park. In January, we held a teacher workshop and a parent presentation to educate us on how to talk to our kids about a very scary subject in a non-threatening way and to empower them with lifetime safety skills. Exploitation prevention, Communication skills, Action plans, Buddy system, Safe vs. unsafe touch – These are very powerful and important topics for ALL parents, regardless of your children’s ages  Did you know: 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 7 boys are exploited by the age of 18. You may think you already know all about this subject or it won’t happen to you but what if you are wrong? There is so much to learn.  Our children’s environment and influences are constantly changing. Predators are getting smarter. No longer is stranger danger the main concern. 90% of the time this action is by someone they know and trust – members of the community, family, teachers, nannies. It can happen anywhere and anyplace. We as parents have a lot to learn and KidSafe is teaching us how to be more pro-active. You assume your child would tell you if something horrible happened, but would they? Do they have a “circle of safety”? Do you play the “what if” game?  If you are a school that believes in keeping our children safe – then KidSafe is the program you need.”


Temple Beth Emet Early Childhood Center

“For several years, our Pre-K and Day School children have participated in KidSafe, a personal safety program.  Through specially designed activities, games, songs, and skill rehearsals, the children have learned how to protect themselves from abduction and exploitation.  Through the enthusiastic leadership of Cherie Benjoseph, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., KidSafe empowers children with the information, skills, and support they need to remain safe.”

Jessey Andris

I feel that KidSafe Training reinforces the importance of child and teen safety that St. Mark’s Episcopal School already embodies.  As a teacher, I want my students to be aware of the possible consequences for what they may see as innocent actions.  Their awareness and caution could mean the difference of life and death.  KidSafe opens their eyes to the harsh reality of what could happen via the internet if they aren’t careful about the comments and pictures they post.

Thanks for all you do!