anya alvarez with KidSafe Golf bag Anya Alvarez:

Professional Golfer and KidSafe Spokesperson

…As a survivor of sexual abuse, I have always believed in educating parents and children to help prevent sexual abuse from occurring. I have spoken on national forums such as Dr. Phil, The Early Show on CBS News, and USA Today bringing awareness to abusive relationships.

Through public speaking I have had the great opportunity to meet parents who wanted to learn more how to protect their children from abuse.

I believe in the message of KidSafe, to give children a voice and to help parents realize the signs of abuse and to save their children of the emotional hardship of sexual abuse.

Since playing golf professionally I have traveled around the country and I have met parents who have heard my story and always ask me what they can do to protect their children. After hearing about KidSafe, and learning more about their work, I refer parents to their curriculum because KidSafe can provide the materials needed to keep children safe.

We can prevent sexual abuse, all we need to do is know how!


Anya Alvarez

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