KidSafe for Kids

 8 week program for children from Prek 4 through 5th grade

1 hour Parent Seminar

1 hour Teacher Workshop


KidSafe for Kids is our flag ship program. We take an integrated approach as we strongly believe that we need to work together to keep our children safe. 95% of abuse and exploitation is preventable through education.  Through scaffolding learning, children build on skills each week, using the skills learned in the prior lesson. Children are taught through role play, books, art, song and discussion how to be the first line of defense in their personal safety.


KidSafe is a strong believer that children can learn life skills through fun not fear and use developmentally appropriate curriculum they created through over 40 years of combined experience, research, teaching and counseling.


KidSafe Curriculum meets Sunshine State Standards and is approved by Palm Beach County Department of Safe Schools and Broward County Office of Prevention.


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