KidSafe Foundation was extremely fortunate in 2010 when we held a fundraiser. We were having a great time and were being quite loud and spirited using a microphone – calling out raffle winners, when a man (not a guest of our event) came over to our sign in table and asked what was going on at the restaurant as he was trying to have a quiet business dinner in the dining area. You see, we only had use of the restaurant bar and lounge and this man was trying to conduct an important business meeting and was not able to hear his guest. Our board member explained we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit this is a fundraiser…He simply stated, “If you turn off that microphone, I will match whatever you bring in.”

                 Hence (we are not dummies) the microphone was turned off! To you skeptics out there who might be thinking this man would never make good on that promise (and I have to admit, my husband was one of them) not only did this amazing generous man send us the promised donation, but this interaction sparked a relationship in which he has become a mentor, a donor, a support system and a friend. This is an incredibly smart, savvy, generous, wealthy, busy man with a huge heart!

               Yesterday we received the privilege of meeting his wife who is beautiful inside and out and we were not surprised at all to find the same generous spirit of wanting to give back and help. She is one of the original supporters who helped start the Adam Walsh Foundation – which now is the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  During our lunch with this truly amazing couple who work so hard for a living on two coasts, and support 7 different charities, they were not only kind enough to take us to lunch, but sit with us as we described our goals for the next five years. (These are people who value their own and others time, so you can imagine as a nonprofit getting the chance to share our passion for our cause with people that can actually help us get there…we didn’t waste a second.)

            In conversation, we explained how much we use social networking for our nonprofit and how Twitter in particular has been incredible for opening doors, sharing information, selling our children’s books and blogging for online parenting magazines. They are somewhat “old school” and by that I do not mean “old” as they are not….they just have not embraced twitter, facebook, google+ as all of you reading this have. He challenged us to raise $5000 in two weeks through the use of twitter to see for himself the power of social networking and he will match up to $5000! This is where you all come in – it could mean as little as $2 per our 3500 followers within the next 14 days. We implore you to help us meet this challenge!

           We promise to share totals on a daily basis (g-d willing we get donations) and we will stop tweeting about it when we reach his designated match of $5,000. If you have read this far, you love this story as much as we do, you can’t believe our good fortune of meeting this couple (neither can we) you want to stop child abuse as much as we do, and you realize when you give back expecting nothing in return it is the truest form of giving. However, 100% of the monies received go directly to providing prevention education programs and our safety books to children and adults. Thank you for taking the time to read about this incredibly philanthropic couple who are doing so much “good” in this world.  Please pass this on and ask your friends and families to spare a $1.00 – if they choose not to, that’s okay…It’s a great story and can give hope to skeptics out there who don’t believe people like this exist. They do! Please help us reach this challenge – donate now the countdown has begun –