KidSafe was started in 2006 as a sexual abuse prevention program called KidSafe for Kids for children ages 4 – 5th grade. Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW and Sally Berenzweig, MEd, MA worked together to build the KidSafe for Kids 8 week in school curriculum. As Child Safety Experts, Educators, Mental Health Professionals, Authors and most importantly two moms, they created programs teaching children life skills through fun not fear using role play, art, song, books, games and discussion. KidSafe provides Seminars for Parents, Workshops for Teachers and Counselors and Training’s for Professionals working with children.


Why Teach KidSafe?

         A day doesn’t go by without hearing about a child who has been sexually exploited by a trusted adult.  It happens all too often. The perpetrators are our neighbors, teachers, and coaches, the babysitters we welcome into our home, and most often, family members.  A startling 90% of the people who hurt our children are known by the family. Most likely, although you may not know it, someone in your circle of friends has been affected by this issue. We don’t like to think about it – because it seems simply incomprehensible.  But it exists, and it’s everywhere

          Believe it or not 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be victimized before their 18th birthday.  Imagine going to a child’s birthday party where 30 young boys are running around having fun – innocent and full of wonder. Five of them will be victimized. Five too many!

           Unless children are taught personal safety and can recognize safe and unsafe situations, they just don’t know how to respond.  Often, children cannot recognize the warning signs and don’t have the skills, confidence or understanding that they have the right to use their voice to protect themselves. Prevention education is the key to making sure our children are protected.

           Through the KidSafe Foundation’s comprehensive safety program, children become empowered, learn what is appropriate and inappropriate, and what to do if they are confused or have been hurt by someone.  Knowledge is power and by educating our children, they begin to protect themselves, develop confidence and trust to seek help. Children learn through KidSafe to find their voice and use it to keep them safe.


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