Slowly and methodically I am seeing all the news, editorials and comments about Penn State and Jerry Sandusky child abuse case disappearing from the headlines. I am feeling that people have had enough of reading and thinking about the horrible abuses against children that went on for decades by Jerry Sandusky. Thus, my fear.


The world in the beginning of the abuse allegations denied this could happen, came to realize it did in fact happen and now just wants to close the door to thinking about what really transpired – again my fear.


I am afraid for our children and you should be too, because the only way that we are ever going to prevent child abuse is to realize children are being abused right this minute, right around the corner, right down the street, and most likely by someone you know. We have to continue to be outraged that our precious children are being harmed and our current laws protect the offender not our children. We have to collectively work on keeping these stories alive as that is the only way education, awareness and advocacy for preventing child abuse can happen.


Please join KidSafe Foundation as we work to prevent child abuse. How? Read our educational blogs about how to keep children safe and share them with those you love. Become a fan of KidSafe Foundation on Facebook and spread the word. Follow us on Twitter and spread the awareness of nonprofits like KidSafe that work to prevent abuse.


It takes a village to keep children safe. KidSafe Foundation is not alone in our work to prevent child abuse. But if the news stories of child abuse disappear so will the outrage and the impetus for change. So be afraid for our children, be so afraid that it will give you the courage to get involved and help promote the protection and prevention of crimes against children. Then and only then do our children have a chance at being safe. For more information about KidSafe Foundation