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Internet Safety Contract – Staying Safe in Cyber Space


  1. I will not give my personal information to anyone or to a website. My personal information is my name, address, phone number, parent’s information, my school name or location and personal photos.


  1. The computer should be located in an open area of the house – family room or kitchen. No computers in the bedroom.


  1. I will check first with my Mom or Dad before I fill out any forms on line, join any groups or post photos.


  1. I will only visit sites which have been discussed and approved by my parents.


  1. I will report to my parents (Circle of Safe Adults) right away if I receive anything (picture, email, instant message, pop up) which makes me feel uncomfortable.


  1. I am not allowed to meet people online or to participate in ‘open forum’ websites or chat rooms.


  1. I can only communicate with people on line that I know in the real world. (Family and friends)


  1. I will not participate in cyber bullying behavior. If I can’t say it to someone in person than I shouldn’t say it online.


  1. I will not open emails, links, or URL’s from people I do not know. I will check first with my parents to let them know what I am receiving.


  1. I will use the computer for the amount of time per day as set by my parents.


  1.  I understand that my parents can supervise everything I do on the internet. They will do this to ensure my safety…they love me.


  1.  I have discussed with my parents that there are people online who befriend children, but who are not safe.


  1. I will not share passwords with anyone including my friends. (Only parents should have their children’s passwords so they can properly supervise their children’s online activities.)


“I  ( Child’s Name) KNOW that using the computer is a privilege not a right and I should have NO expectation of PRIVACY as everything posted online is not private and stays online FOREVER!”

“I (Parent’s Name) PROMISE if you come and report anything to me that you feel is inappropriate, makes you feel uncomfortable or confused in anyway, I will NOT over react. I will listen to you and try my best to help you through the situation, even if you make a mistake.” 


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