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Place the computer in a central location in the home. (Kitchen, family room; even if it is a lap top)

Have a computer contract with your children. For specific topics to cover see or

Remind children (of all ages), not to share personal information on the computer including obvious  information such as their name and telephone number, as well as revealing information such as the  name of their school or sports team.

Talk to your children, tweens and teens, about what to do if they come across information, material, or pictures which are inappropriate or make them uncomfortable. (Tell them directly that you want them to come to you with this information.)

Remind children they should not send pictures of themselves without checking first with their parents.

Remind children (of all ages) not to share Internet passwords with anyone (this applies to our youngest Internet users on Webkinz!).

Discuss with your children issues of cyber bullying – if they receive derogatory information aimed at them personally or towards someone else, they should NOT forward this information and must share the information with a trusted adult.

Does your child know?

    • If he/she is in danger or lost, call 911.
    • If someone wants their help they should ask their trusted adult first.
    • To yell if someone approaches them and tells them not to yell.
    • To tell an adult if someone does something to them and tells them not to tell.
    • To trust their instincts.
  • They don’t have to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Parents, do you know?

  • Never leave your child unattended in a car or public place.
  • What your child is wearing on a daily basis.
  • Your child’s friends and their parents.
  • The route your child walks to and from school.
  • To carry a current picture of your child with you at all times.
  • To always perform background checks on anyone taking care of your child.
  • To check online for sex offenders in your area.
  • Never put your child’s name on backpacks or clothing.