In light of the Publicity Surrounding the Sandusky Trial, KidSafe Foundation South Florida based 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to empower children and adults with Education to prevent child abuse, urges Parents to Protect their Children from Pedophile Predators through Sex Abuse Prevention Training. As you hear testimony from the survivors and they share their stories, all of them are similar as Sandusky’s MO is pure Pedophile grooming and pure Pedophile Speak.


A Pedophile does think what they are doing is wrong and thinks a child is a willing participant and therein lies why most children do not tell. 90% of the time a child is harmed by someone they know, 68% of the time it is a family member. The children Jerry Sandusky abused were no match for a skilled Pedophile whose goal is to make a child feel it is their fault, no one will believe them, especially when it is someone so revered as Jerry Sandusky was at Penn State.



What is important for adults reading all the media coverage surrounding Jerry Sandusky is that to best protect children we must educate all adults especially those working with children in Sexual Abuse Prevention Education. We must change the culture of institutions, organization, schools and universities in which the protection of children is at the forefront. Not only will this help the adults recognize the red flags of an offender when they are in the process of grooming our children, it will teach them what do and how to respond to protect children. Through educating children we can help them understand they have the right to be safe, have a voice, and access help. We must as a society recognize that child abuse is an epidemic and put as much time, money, advocacy and training into teaching all how to protect our children. Then and only then will our children, the future leaders of the world have a chance to be safe.