KidSafe Provides Programs to Preschools, Elementary Schools, Child Care Organizations and Middle Schools

~”KidSafe for Kids” – 8 week curriculum for children ages 4 – 11.

(preschool through 5th grade)

~KidSafe for Parents Seminar

~KidSafe for Teachers/Counselors Seminar

In the 8 week program children will learn personal safety skills through developmentally appropriate song, movement, discussion and role playing. Our KidSafe program is a team approach with the parents and teachers reinforcing the safety skills and safety language at home and in the classroom.


*The KidSafe program can be tailored to each schools individual needs.



KidSafe – School Program: Middle School

  • - Middle School Assembly

  • - In class break out sessions for smaller group discussion

Middle School students are seeking an environment to process the many personal safety issues they are facing daily. KidSafe provides an assemby style yet interactive seminar for students to understand that they are not alone with their concerns. In the discussion many topics are covered including bullying, sexting, body boundaries, and internet safety. In the smaller break out sessions continued emphasis is on refusal skills, assertiveness and when and how to access help.

See what others are saying:


Sunrise Park Elementary School, Boca Raton Florida

                “The PTA is proud to support the KidSafe program at Sunrise Park. In January, we held a teacher workshop and a parent presentation to educate us on how to talk to our kids about a very scary subject in a non-threatening way and to empower them with lifetime safety skills. Exploitation prevention, Communication skills, Action plans, Buddy system, Safe vs. unsafe touch – These are very powerful and important topics for ALL parents, regardless of your children’s ages  Did you know: 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 7 boys are exploited by the age of 18.

                You may think you already know all about this subject or it won’t happen to you but what if you are wrong? There is so much to learn.  Our children’s environment and influences are constantly changing. Predators are getting smarter. No longer is stranger danger the main concern. 90% of the time this action is by someone they know and trust – members of the community, family, teachers, nannies. It can happen anywhere and anyplace.  We as parents have a lot to learn and KidSafe is teaching us how to be more pro-active. You assume your child would tell you if something horrible happened, but would they? Do they have a “circle of safety”? Do you play the “what if” game?  If you are a school that believes in keeping our children safe – then KidSafe is the program you need.”                   Karen Hamorsky PTA Sunrise Park Elementary School


Temple Beth Emet Early Childhood Center

             “For several years, our Pre-K and Day School children have participated in KidSafe, a personal safety program.  Through specially designed activities, games, songs, and skill rehearsals, the children have learned how to protect themselves from abduction and exploitation.  Through the enthusiastic leadership of Cherie Benjoseph, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., KidSafe empowers children with the information, skills, and support they need to remain safe.”

Sandy Sherman
Early Childhood Director
Michal Medina
Day School Assistant Director
Temple Beth Emet Early Childhood Center