Every day and every night there is a story about a child being harmed. Sometimes I feel as though I am the only one outraged by this. Child abuse has reached epidemic proportions and it seems to me as though no one cares. Yes the economy is suffering and our schools are failing and we have the highest unemployment rate ever and the biggest deficit – so it only goes to reason that when our society is slipping, our children suffer the consequences.



Our politicians, our leaders must address the issues of child abuse. Our children are the future leaders of the world. If our children do not have the ability to have a childhood free from abuse – not only are we changing who these children are meant to be, we are not protecting our own – boundaries and decency of human behavior are slipping. You can see this everywhere.



Last night watching a show I used to love “Private Practice” – one of the themes of the show was a man going to therapy for pedophilia.  It was beyond disturbing. I tried to imagine how others watching were responding to this show. I have thick skin – I am a mental health professional who has treated women who have been physically and sexually abuse and now run a nonprofit in which we provide education to adults and children to prevent child abuse. I have heard the worst of the worst stories over two decades – unfortunately not much keeps me up at night – this did.




So for the average TV viewer – how do you feel watching “entertainment” about pedophilia? Why and how did abuse of children become a main stream television topic? I am disturbed – I am outraged – quite frankly I am scared for the children of this world. They are growing up in a world where it is common place to see on the cover of Huffington post – “Man has sex with a horse again!” “Teacher molests students!” “Coach has decades of children he abused.” It’s seems never ending.



The United States is often on a mission saving other countries from their own people – why don’t we rethink our priorities and focus on the war we should be waging right here in our own country- saving our children from sexual abuse.  If even the media gave a quarter of the amount of funding and attention to prevention vs. ratings for sensationalism – the trickle down effect to keeping children safe would be greatly impacted.



My life’s work is protecting children – there are many other amazing people that are trying to do the same. But we can’t do it alone. So I ask again – and I will keep on asking until someone listens – when will our leaders start protecting our children?