Tonight October 22, 2012  is the last Presidential Debate. We have been listening carefully to all of the politicians over the past months speak about the issues we are facing in today’s world. The economy, housing crisis, failing schools, Medicare…the list goes on and on. Where and when will someone in public office talk about the epidemic of child abuse and what they plan to do about it? Child abuse crosses party lines, crosses states, crosses streets – or in fact it is next-door or going on in your very own home.


No matter what your political affiliation is, no matter what you believe, understand this: 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually exploited before they reach the age of 18. These statistics are based on reported cases of abuse. Sadly the majority of children do not report. So it is plain to see that most children will be touched by abuse in some capacity. Isn’t this a crisis worth talking about? Can you imagine how incredible it would be if tonight the crisis of child abuse was addressed and each of them at a plan to prevent children from harm?


As the politicians time and time again say they are working towards a better America for our children, we are still waiting for one of them to talk directly about how they are going to make our children safer from another threat besides international terrorism? The terror which children are subjected to from all forms of child abuse is experienced by thousands of children daily. It is real, it is happening, it is an epidemic and our leaders need to address it.


I think we can all agree across the political spectrum that the underlying theme is to make the world a better place for children – we can make the world fiscally sound, we can turn schools around, fix Medicare and all the other issues on the agenda, but how are you going to help the future leaders of the world feel safe from abuse today? If we could ask them one question is would be: “What is your plan to protect children from abuse?”


So we ask: “Politicians please address how you are going to “fix” the epidemic of child abuse. Please speak up for the millions of children that have no voice. Work on the prevention of child abuse with as much effort as you put into working on the fiscal crisis. These children, the future of our country will have such a greater chance of being successful, healthy, contributing citizens if we would address the issues of child abuse today. We in the field of child safety want to change the world – But we need your help to do it.” Work with us to help keep KidSafe!

Sally Berenzweig MEd, MA & Cherie Benjoseph LCSW

Cofounders KidSafe Foundation